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English cooperation

Head of the international department

Phone: 8(925)544-71-22


Address: Moscow, 105203, Izmaylovskiy Prospect, building 121

Metro station “Pervomayskaya” Busys:

645, 634, 664, 97, 15 (Bus stop 15 Parkovaya, dom1)

Russian Language Program for Heritage Speakers

The Individualized Russian Language Program for Heritage Speakers is intended to address the specific needs of students who speak Russian at home or with relatives, or who grew up speaking Russian and wish to strengthen their Russian skills. Program participants work with native Russian staff and faculty to develop a tutorial program serving their unique needs as language learners. All individualized programs focus on the development of Russian language skills, including grammar, conversation, and phonetics; courses in literature, history, and area studies are available for advanced students. Participants attend a minimum of twelve hours of tutorials per week. Program can be taught via skype



Advanced Russian Language and Area Studies Program


Program open to undergraduate and graduate students with at least two years of college-level Russian. 



Programs are available for summer (8 weeks) semester, and academic year study.


Summer: February 15
Fall Semester: March 15
Academic Year: March 15
Spring Semester: October 1

The Leo Tolstoy Institute Russian Language and Area Studies Program serves both graduate and undergraduate students. The academic program is designed to improve participants’ oral, listening, reading and writing proficiency in Russian language and to develop their knowledge of Russian history, politics, culture, and society. The academic year, semester, and summer programs provide approximately twenty hours per week of in-class instruction in Russian grammar, phonetics, conversation, and cultural studies.. One day per week of the academic program is set aside for local cultural excursions.
Students may live with Russian host families or in a hotel.  During the semester, students may participate in unpaid, non-credit bearing internships and volunteer service at local public schools, charities, and international businesses, depending on language level and interests. Students are also offered the chance to meet for 10 hours per week with Russian teachers for private classes.

During the academic year (September through May), participants may audit regular host university classes in addition to their Russian courses if schedules permits. Academic year students may choose to conduct independent research during the spring semester.

Business Russian Language and Internship Program

Leo Tolstoy Institute Business Russian Language and Internship Program combines a specially designed curriculum focusing on the language of Russian business with an internship averaging ten to fifteen hours per week at a multinational company, business, or non-governmental organization agency in Russia. You may apply to study for a semester, academic year, or summer.  Business Russian Language and Internship Program has highly individualized curriculum that can be tailored to serve students ranging from intermediate to near native speakers of Russian; however, less advanced students should consider whether their language proficiency will enable them to engage in substantive internships and benefit from instruction in the style and lexicon of business speech. (Students lacking a strong command of Russian grammar, for example, should consider enrolling in General Russian Language Course before applying to the Business Russian Language and Internship Program) A full-time program director provides ongoing logistical support and emergency assistance to participants. Peer tutoring, Russian discussion clubs, and a broad range of extra-curricular activities provide unique opportunities for Business Russian Language and Internship Program  students to connect with Russian friends and immerse themselves in daily Russian life.




Contemporary Russia Program

Interested in Russian culture, but have no experience studying Russian? Contemporary Russia Program is for you!

Leo Tolstoy Institute Contemporary Russia Program offers undergraduate and graduate students as well as working professionals an opportunity to study abroad in Russia. Contemporary Russia is the program designed to serve participants at all levels of Russian-language proficiency, including those with no prior training in the language. Contemporary Russia provides twenty-two hours per week of in-class instruction in Russian economics, Russian politics, Russian culture, and Russian language. All content-based courses are taught in English by faculty of our Institute and invited professors of the best Russian Universities and Schools that are the most prestigious centers for the study of social sciences. Program participants receive ten hours per week of Russian language instruction geared toward their skill level (participants with no prior training in Russian will be provided elementary instruction, while those who have completed previous language courses will attend more advanced classes).

 A full-time program director assists participants in academic, administrative and personal matters; and coordinates activities with the institution faculty. Participants live in Russian families or in Moscow hotels. Our program features include weekly cultural excursions and peer tutors.




Russian Language Foundation Course

Russian Language Foundation Course in Leo Tolstoy Institute is designed for students who want to study in Russia and have met the Russian as a foreign language test requirement or who want to receive high scores on Russian Universities placement tests. Students who choose to come without a language test score and do not meet the Russian proficiency requirement may need to complete a semester or more of intensive Russian courses before enrolling in university courses.


Applicants must be  high school- leavers or graduate students who intend to study in Russian Universities


10 months
approximate dates: September – July

Price: 4000$


Program Semester Abroad (Moscow)

Semester Abroad (Moscow) is an educational program for international students  for a semester or two.

The experience gives them the opportunity to interact with Russian students, faculty and other international students. For those who are a part of the Semester Abroad (Moscow) program, every day is an adventure in Russian culture – meeting new people, trying new foods, learning something new.  Many students have called it, “An Experience of a Lifetime!”

During their stay, students will have the opportunity to:

·                          Take institute courses, earning credits that may transfer to their home university

·                          Live in an apartment near the institute or in a hotel

·                          Visit  Moscow attractions such as  Kremlin,  Red Square,    St.Basil Cathedral, and more

·                          Join international groups  and participate in all the student events and activities

Schedule & Fees



Summer Russian Language Teachers Program


Applicants must be  high school- or university-level teachers of Russian language and culture, or graduate students who intend a teaching career.


Six weeks;
approximate dates: mid-June – end of July



March 1

The Leo Tolstoy Summer Program for Russian Language Teachers offers qualified . pre- and in-service teachers of Russian language and culture from both high schools and universities the opportunity to reach new levels of competency in Russian, and to experience firsthand the latest developments in the discipline. Advanced-level courses on teaching methodology, Russian language, literature and culture are led by distinguished faculty of the Institute. The program is six-weeks long, and takes place from mid-June to early-August.


The choice of the right type of accommodation is an important decision as students typically spend more time at home than in the classroom.

We understand that people have different needs and interests. For this reason we offer several accommodation options enabling each student to choose the most appropriate type.

Home-stay (host family) accommodation: providing the best opportunity to get to know the Russian way of life and offering the best possible language practice. Home-stay is available with breakfast only or half board or full board.

Shared flats offer an independent lifestyle at very affordable prices. This is a popular option for young people and institute students. Shared flats are self catering.

Studio apartments offer higher standards than shared flats and guarantee full privacy and independence. Studios are on request only. Our accommodation officer will help to find an appropriate apartment.

Hotels of all categories can be booked directly with the institute. While hotel rates in Moscow are quite high year round, we can offer some options with reasonable prize particularly in the mini-hotel sector. Hotels can also be booked without a language course. This is not possible for other accommodation options.

All accommodation offered by the institute has been inspected by a member of staff. It is our accommodation officer’s job to make sure that all our students choose the option, which fits them best.

Some students prefer to stay with friends or would like to organize their own accommodation, which is fine. In that case however, we cannot provide arrival transfers.

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